•   TIME:     Mid afternoon
      LOCATION:   Arkansas, Washington County
      TERRAIN:    On one side a cane break and on the other a field.
      OBSERVED:    Me and another person were going to a fishing spot on the Illinois River. As we walked by a large cane break I saw a human like track. The track was large, but not freakishly huge I didn't measure the track, but I would estimate it was 10-12 in. in length. The odd thing about the track was that it was out of place. It is unusual to find a barefoot print next to a large field, and cane break. I recently brought this up to my fishing partner, and he does recall seeing the track. The track was found in an area that is very remote, perhaps even to boonie status. Activities of Witness:   We were fishing, but directly prior we were driving down the road.
      Description of Creature:  N/A
      Other Notes:    There have been numerous reports all across the state of Arkansas, and I have a cousin who encountered a bigfoot in a neighboring county.
      Additional Notes or Comments: Upon contacting the witness, they had this to add: I thought I should mention that I have heard of  a cousin of mine having a sighting in a neighboring county. There seems toe a lot of sightings reported to this region, and I believe that there are many other happenings that aren't publicized. I don't know whether or not the GCBRO does expeditions or not, but if you all do, than please consider this region. Also I am considering doing an investigative expedition soon, if you have any tips they would be much appreciated.

  • Report Posted To GCBRO Web Site On:   September 1, 2010
      DATE:    2003 
      TIME:     morning 
      LOCATION:   Carroll County, Arkansas 
      TERRAIN:    Other 
      OBSERVED:    Myself, dad, brother in-law fishing in the cove, we were trolling about 30 ft from bank and up in the power line clearing we seen the strangest animal, hairy and weird looking, almost evil, walking on two legs across the rocks.  weird part appeared not to be real tall but about 4 to 5 feet tall.  Hard to describe because such a shock and didn't last but a minute or so.  we all witnessed it and have no explanation.  not a bear or monkey. 
      Activities of Witness:   in a boat. observed from lake.  
      Description of Creature:  hairy, stood on two legs and appeared to walk similar to an ape, 

    DATE:      10/15/89

    TIME:      6:00 PM

    LOCATION:    Greer`s Ferry, Arkansas, Cleburne County
                                  Banks of Greer`s Ferry Lake

    TERRAIN:         Wooded

    OBSERVED:   Was camping about 100 yards from lake in a remote area only accessable by motor cycle. Just at dusk I was alone and had built a small fire by my tent. I was very still and quiet andthere were lots of leaves on the ground being Fall and changing of seasons.  I heard a crunching of leaves within 30 or so yards of my camp.  Sounded like someone walking slowly, then it would stop, then walk more, then stop. I stared into the underbrush trying to see who it was.  It was thickly wooded and from about waist up you couldn't see mabe 10 yards, but if you kneeled down and looked under the trees you could see further.

           It was just at dusk and very difficult to make out anything except the tree trunks until it moved again in a stalking type walk, (like a person sneaking). I watched closely and it wasn't a man's legs in pants, it was two legs covered in black hair.  Or appeared black as it was almost dark. I asked who was there, but no answer.  I said very loud that I had a gun and would fire if they came any closer.  It stopped and stayed very still several mins.  I got up and started in that direction slowly and could hear it walk as I did and stop when I did.

           I knelt down trying to see where it was and it was moving away from me. I decided not to follow any further and watched as it moved further away until it was gone.

           I was alone at this location and it`s at least 5 miles from any dwelling, and about 200 yards off a back road. Anyone pulling a hoax sure didn't have a car to leave in because you could hear a pin drop in this place.  Not only that, but no one knew I was even there because it's so remote and no trail leading to where I was. It was far off the beaten path.

    ACTIVITIES OF WITNESSES:   I was alone, just started a fire as it was getting dark, no radio or anything on.It was stone quite.

    DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:    This thing I saw walked upright, had what appeared were stocky legs and fairly short.  I'd guess the height gaugeing by leg length could have been about 6 feet tall, heavy built.  I could only see about waist high because of underbrush from the trees.  It was thick, fairly long hair covering both legs, and walked slowly with a slight bend at the knees.

    OTHER SIGHTINGS IN THIS AREA:   I'm not from there I dont know. I was on a mini vacation just camping and rideing the mountains sight   seeing                                       
  • Report Posted To GCBRO Web Site On:  June 2, 2006 DATE:    April 30, 2006 
      TIME:     3:30 AM 
      LOCATION:   Cleburne County, Arkansas 
      TERRAIN:    Wooded, river
      OBSERVED:    My family camps at this location often in the spring and early summer to take in the awsome scenery of the place and enjoy the trout fishing there. i had left my son with the family at the park to go play music in town and told them when i returned it would be around 3:00a.m. sun morning and would fish awhile before wakeing my son and going home. we did not break down our stage equipment that night so i got back to the park earlier than expected. i put on my waders and headed right down to the river to fish. it was probably about 2:30 or so a.m. i fished for about an hour or so and was the only one on the river as far as i could tell. lots of campers in the area but evreryone seemed lights out for the night.there was a heavy fog on the riverand as i fished about 3:00a.m. i started hearing high pitched screams from 4-500 yrds down the river. and heard knocking sounds as well the screams sounded like none i have heard before and freaked me out just a bit because i have heard the screems rcorded on the internet and they sounded alot like them.i heard the screams and banging 3 or 4 times during about a thirty minute period between 3:00 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. all from about the same location.i quit fishing around 3:45 and went back to camp to get my son and go home. just yesterday i was telling my dad about these events and he told me that him and his brother -in-law heard the exact same sounds on a nighttime fishing trip a few weeks before. i'll let you know if i hear of anything more. 
      Activities of Witness:   Fishing. camping  

    Report Posted To GCBRO Web Site On:  August 4, 2006 DATE:    August 2, 2005 
      TIME:     Both Day and Night 
      LOCATION:   Cleburne County, Arkansas 
      TERRAIN:    Mountains, Heavily Wooded 
      OBSERVED:    My husband and I just bought an old cabin on the lake and my husband and I were walking up the mountain to look at the spring to see if it was usable and I kept feeling like something was watching me. I then would hear large footstep noises in the leaves and as we would stop they would stop. It sounded like human footsteps. I would look around and could see no one. I started to think that maybe there were old indian ghosts in the forest or something all I know was that I was very scared. I urged my husband to hurry back to the cabin. The next evening I was hanging up laundry to dry on my porch and I heard a trampling noise of bushes and something started running up the mountain towards me at a very fast pace it sounded heavy and on two feet. I never ran so fast into the house. I never saw what was running after me but all I know is that I was happy that I was up high on that deck and able to reach that door! After we got back home sometime after our trip, I was flipping through the channels and I saw a show on bigfoot and they were talking about spotting Bigfoot in Oklahoma. I had never heard about Bigfoot in any other states but California and Oregon. All of a sudden out came the word Arkansas and my heart jumped into my stomach. I could not believe it. I watched the show and after I immediately went on line to do research. I told my boss about what happened to me, of course I did not tell him that I had thought that it was a bigfoot because I did not want him to think that I was crazy. He told me that when he stopped by my cabin on the way from Eureka Springs to take a look at it and the surrounding area. He got out of his car to take a leak and he heard something walking toward him in the woods but he could not see anything either and he said he could not get his zipper up fast enough and hurried back to his car and took off. He told me he thought it was a bear and he was definitely not interested in the area any longer. I have been back to the cabin since and did not get the same feeling as the first time but I know now what to look for, what sounds to listen for, and I carry bear spray just in case.

    Report Posted To GCBRO Web Site On:  May 3, 2005
      DATE:    1984
      TIME:     6:00
      LOCATION:   Franklin County, Arkansas
      TERRAIN:    Wooded
      OBSERVED:  My Cousin, and I were going to visit another one of our cousins who lived in Fouke Ar. we were in a 67 nova, and my cousin always kept a few water  jugs in the back b/c his car heats up sometimes.  We were young teenager 16-17 thought we knew all..
    Well, his car starts to heat up.  We pull over the side of the road, and turn then car off to let it cool (real smart) well we grabbed our ice chest w/goodies and walked off the hwy. about 30 ids. We were underage, and didn't want to get seen by any cops.
    Fifteen minutes in drinking our beers.  We hear this like 2-3 grunts, then this what starts out real low to a super high shrill SCREAM!! We heard 3 screams.  there was a wood line about 100 yds. and we could
    hear the walk, and the breaking of brush!
    My hair was totally standing on end! i asked my cousin hey! did you hear that?  said it 3 times.  Then i looked back my cousin was already in the car w/the cooler waving for me to get my A** in the car.  I jumped in the car, and he goes do you have the keys? haha! I go HELL NOOO!!  So i run back get the keys i stop to look one more for a few sec. then just got in the car.
    Today I'm 39 Union Plumber in Cal. I miss my home of Depew Ok. Where i was raised.  me, and my father were BIG time hunters, as i still am w/ my 14 yr. old son.  I've hunted Bear, Elk, Pig, you name it! I've hunted the deep fork river all by myself from the age of 14-19 until we moved to cal, all my friends would not go down that deep in the woods b/c of all the tall tales, and that the there were people who did live deep in the woods there, even came across a few of them.  killed swamp rabbit bobcats..  heard all kids of noise.  But, still as of  today i have never heard a noise like that, and a noise that could spook me like such.  I've always wished today I would have ran in the woods to see what it really was.  I guess my cousin really kinda kept me from going in.
      Activities of Witness:   Sitting off the side of highway, waiting on vehicle to cool off. 

    Report Posted To GCBRO Web Site On:  April 1, 2006 DATE:    8/1/1991
      TIME:     Late Evening, Early Morning
      LOCATION:   Greene County, Arkansas
      TERRAIN:    Wooded, swampy
      OBSERVED:    I recall various stories from my late grandfather, of his visits to an old estate where they would run dogs in thick dense woods and swamps. The dogs could be heard barking for a while, then loud noises as if something huge was running through the dense swampy thicket fighting the dogs, then later they would return whimpering, covered in blood with large lacerations as if something huge attacked them. After investigating all that was found was trampled trees, thick dense hair, and the 3 toed/clawed tracks. Also, while staying overnight, deep loud bellowing sounds could be heard, they were warned to stay inside.
      Activities of Witness:   Hunting
      Description of Creature:  3 Toed/Clawed tracks and Thick Dense hair 

    February 1, 2007 DATE:    September 1999 
      TIME:     3:30-4:30 pm 
      LOCATION:   Johnson County, Arkansas 
      TERRAIN:    Edge of woods 
      OBSERVED:    I walked down with a bucket of pig feed climbed over into the pig pen and turned around and saw it standing there under a persimmon tree it stood there about 10 seconds and then turned and ran away on 2 feet.
      Activities of Witness:   Feeding pigs 
      Description of Creature:  About 7 - 7 1/2 feet tall brown hair all over body 

    DATE:     06/08/02 TIME:      3:00 A.M. LOCATION:  Hartman, Arkansas, Johnson County
      TERRAIN:     Extremely dense wooded area
      OBSERVED:  Two days ago, myself and three of my friends decided to go bowfishing.  We decided to travel to Hartman, which is about 15 miles from our home town.  The area we decided to fish is called the Hartman Bottoms.  What it amounts to is backwater off of the Arkansas river that weaves through a remote forest like a big maze.  I had bass fished this area a few times previously, during the day.  I never liked going out there, however, because of it's remote location.  We launched our boat at about 10:00 p.m. Around 12:30 or so, I suddenly had a terrible headache so I decided to sit down and rest.  I guess I had fallen asleep because I woke up to the noise of my friends making a lot of commotion.  I realized that they had shot a rather large carp, so I awoke to watch the fight.  I also noticed that our spot lights were going dim and our trolling motor was getting slower.  Obviously our batteries were going dead.  I thought, my god, how long have we been out here.  I looked at my watch and it was 3 in the morning.  I told my friends that we better start heading back before our batteries completely ran out.  All three of them kind of looked at me with worried looks and proceeded to explain to me that they had been trying to get back for the past hour and that we were as good as lost.  We had gone much farther into the bottoms that any of us had ever been.  We all put our heads together and decided about what direction we needed to go and off we went. Not long after we took off our trolling motor went completely dead.  Fortunately we had a backup, but it was only charged half way.  Now we had power but the going was slow.  We knew that we had about 2 hours, at least, of trolling ahead of us, so we all started talking to pass the time.  All of a sudden, my friend Andrew silenced everyone.  "Did you guys hear that" he said.  My other friend Dustin said "Yeah, I've been hearing it for a while, I just didn't want to say anything."  This got me interested because I hadn't heard anything.  I took their word for it because both Andrew and Dustin have been hunting all of their lives and they always seem to be listening for stuff like that.  I listened hard, but there was nothing. As soon as we switched the trolling moter on, however, I did hear somthing moving along the wooded island to our left.  We made a right turn, leaving the island behind, and entering the main chanel.  About 2 minutes later we began to hear the same sound again.  We came to the grim conclusion that somthing was definetly followning us.  Whatever it was had to of swam aross the channel without making a sound, because we had heard no splashing.  I began to offer suggestions as to what it could be.  First I suggested it was a curious deer.  My three friends quickly shot that suggestion down as they all have much experience with deer.  I then suggested a bear.  Andrew spoke up, as he has hunted an killed bear, saying that whatever it was, it was much to stealthy to be a bear.  He also said that it was to smart to be a bear as it would stop everytime we stopped the trolling motor, which only made a soft humming noise.  And continue as soon as we started moving, only messing up a few times as it would take an extra step or two after we cut the motor off.  I then decided that it was a mountain lion, as they are known to stalk their prey for miles.  Dustin spoke up this time, saying that it wasn't walking like a mountain lion, Andrew quickly agreed.  This peaked my interest because as I said earlier, they are both accomplished hunters that have seen and heard it all.  I was out of suggestions so I asked them what they thought and they just sat there with this puzzled look on their faces.  After about 5 minutes of silence, Andrew spoke up and said, " I didn't want to say anything until I was sure, but after listening to it for the past 40 minutes, I'm sorry to say, whatever it is, it's walking on two legs."  Dustin reluctently agreed, saying that he thought so too but didn't want to say anything because he was afraid that we'd think he was crazy or something. The name Big Foot came up and I laughed, I totally blew that idea off.  I came to the conclusion that it was a man, but as I continued to listen, I started having my doubts.  No man could have traversed that terrain with such ease in the middle of the night, bottom line.  And its steps were far to heavy to be a man.  Andrew and Dustin both cut the lines on thier bows in order to make them effective from long distances.  We finally made it back right as our backup battery died.  We looked like a nascar pit crew when we loaded the boat.  We still weren't believers but Dustin came to me yesterday and said that he had been researching big foot encounters in Arkansas on the internet and that after what happened to us, that he believed without a doubt.  I had to check it out for myself, and after reading other peoples encounters, I too believe.  There are so many likenesses in other peoples stories that it's eerie.  1. Swam across a channel very quickley. 2. It stopped every single time we did.  3. It wasn't afraid, as we all yelled at the top of our lungs to try to scare it, which would have most certainly frightened any animal.  5. It followed us, with great skill, for 4 to 5 miles.  Needless to say, we are all very interested in Big Foot now, and plan to make a second trip.  (This time with plenty of extra batteries and cameras.) ACTIVITIES OF WITNESSES:   bowfishing DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:  Very heavy footsteps, walked on two legs. OTHER NOTES:   We would all catch glimpses of a pair of eyes in or spotlights.  Our lights were so weak, however, that we never accutaly got to see the creature. 

     DATE:    Summer 2000
      TIME:     around 4:00 am
      LOCATION:   Arkansas, Madison County
      TERRAIN:    Wooded
      OBSERVED:    My family owns alot of land in Madison County.  My uncle that owns the land since my grandpa passed does a ton of farming on it.  We have a cabin on it and one night 3 years ago in the summer my uncle had an emergency back in town. So he had to leave his farm hand XXXX back at the cabin.  This guy XXXX has worked for my uncle for decades and would have no reason to make anything up or lie to him about it.
    But, he says he woke up at about 4 in the morning to use the rest room outside and he turned on the light and about 60 yds away he saw a big hairy man like creature about 7 ft. tall running faster than he had ever seen anything run before.   XXXX yelled and it stopped and took a long look at him then ran off.
      Activities of Witness:   going outside to use the rest room.
      Description of Creature:  big hairy man like creature about 7 ft. tall 

    DATE:       05/27/01 TIME:      ? LOCATION:   Just outside of St. Paul Arkansas, Madison County
      TERRAIN:      Mountains
      OBSERVED:   I know that it is outside of St.Paul Arkansas. My friend descibed the sounds he heard and it sounded just like taped sounds I have heard on TLC programs about bigfoot. He said that it comes up and thrashes around every evening that they are there.   Not seen yet just heard, Like I said they say it comes up everytime they are there.
      ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES): I was told that they were just sitting on the front porch of the cabin talking and drinking beer. Usually after dark the noises begin and they hear something big in the trees.
      DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE: Not seen yet just heard, Like I said they say it comes up everytime they are there. 

     May 1, 2007 DATE:    March 31, 2007 
      TIME:     11:36 pm 
      LOCATION:   Monroe County, Arkansas 
      TERRAIN:    Woody, National Forest 
      OBSERVED:    Me and a friend were sitting down at the boat landing when all of a sudden we heard a strange noise coming from across the river. It was a roar/yelling scream. I have hunted a lot but I have never heard a noise like this. The noise persisted for about 5 minutes and stopped as soon as another vehicle pulled up. We listened to some bigfoot sounds on a web site and they sounded almost identical. I'm not sure if this was a bigfoot but it wasn't anything normal on the refuge.
      Activities of Witness:   We were hanging out at the boat landing  

    DATE:    08/--/92
      TIME:    Dusk
      LOCATION:   Arkansas, Ouachita County
      TERRAIN:    Wooded
      OBSERVED:    I didn't hear anything.  I was cleaning up my family cemetery that is surrounded by woods.  I looked up from my raking of leaves and saw a dark figure about 20 feet away watching me from the woods.  The figure was covered with dark brownish black hair and stood about 6 feet or taller.  The outline was roughly human but it was not human.  I stared petrified at the figure long enough to run through the possibilities of what it might be, since I was in the woods...deer, hobo, bear, hunter, then..... oh sh-- big foot!  Me and the thing stared at each other for what seemed an eternity and when I realized that there was no escape from whatever it was, I decided to turn my back and accept my fate. I turned away and waited about a minute for an attack, none came, I turned back to face the thing and it was gone.  I made a hasty retreat back to my car.
      Activities of Witness:   I was alone raking leaves in my family plot that is surrounded on three sides by woods and on the forth side a dirt road runs beside railroad tracks that are surrounded by woods.
      Description of Creature:  I had a clear view though it was dark where the figure stood.  I could not make out any facial features only the shape of a head and shoulders its arms hung at it sides and it stood erect about 6 feet or more.  It made no sound, or movement while I looked at it.  The figure stood clearly between two trees.  It was dusk.
      Other Notes:    My mother was raised in those woods and she reports never hearing of any encounters of large animals other than bears.
      Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments:  Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.

    April 4, 2010 DATE:    07/2006 
      TIME:     around 10 pm 
      LOCATION:   Ouachita County, Arkansas 
      TERRAIN:    Swampy 
      OBSERVED:    My husband and I spend a great deal of time camping on the creek during this particular time we had spent 14 days and nights at this spot. Around 10 pm  this night we began hearing sounds from two animals? That ranged from a deep guttural call to a high pitch almost screech. Both my husband and I have camped and hunted those woods for more than 40 years. We know the sounds of bobcats. coyotes, feral hogs, fox and local wildlife. This was something neither of us recognized. Until hearing the call of "BIGFOOT' on a monster quest episode we immediately concurred those are the sounds we had heard. Additional things: My grandmother grew up in near the creek where we camp and often told stories of hearing and elephant call in the woods nearby. Being the skeptic I had always passed it off as a stray cow or some other recognizable wildlife. During that camping trip I have began to question the logical. 
      Activities of Witness:   sitting at campfire listening to normal sounds of the woods at night. 
      Description of Creature:  Did not see anything visually only sounds of two creatures calling back and forth as if talking. We used a spotlight to try and locate the animal but when we would shine the light in the direction of the call it would stop and the other would call. 
      Other Notes:    A Bigfoot researcher contacted a family member and came to area a few years ago. I do not know all the details as my family member did not reveal the researcher or his presence till after the fact. Family remember reported hearing responses to tree knocking but does not talk much about the results. 
      Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    N/A 

    November 1, 2007 DATE:    October 2007 
      TIME:     Around 9:00 AM 
      LOCATION:   Pulaski County, Arkansas 
      TERRAIN:    Wooded, Hilly, Rocky, with Nearby Low Swampy area 
      OBSERVED:    I was outside smoking this particular day, believing it was on a Saturday because my children were home that morning. I was listening to a wood on wood knocking coming from pretty deep into the woods in back of our mobile home. I could tell it was a good distance away, but was still quite loud. It most definitely was no woodpecker, and it sounded much like the "knocks" I have heard on different web sites depicting Bigfoot audio's. It lasted at least 5 or 6 minutes and it was rapid in sound. My daughter Xxxxx who is 7 came out and immediately asked what that noise was. Just a few seconds later a jet flew over, apparently just taking off from the Little Rock Airport, heading to Dallas. When the jet was gone and the sound subsided, the knocking had stopped and was never heard again. I have had a few experiences in the past years, and I believe I submitted 2 to your web site: one when I was smoking late at night and saw two red eyes looking in my direction, and more recently, the "chattering" experience I had on Mt. Nebo in northern Arkansas a year or so ago. I personally believe that from time to time we have a creature that comes to our part of the woods. My daughter and I have smelled that strong, musky smell on a couple of different occasions, smelling like rotting meat, but then disappearing after a minute or so. This is the same smell I have encountered when I was searching down in the Fouke area (the south western corner of Arkansas), where Boggy Creek meets up with the Sulphur River Bottoms in east Texas, and where many reports still come from today. This smell was also noticed in areas where I traveled to in Arkansas where sightings had taken place the same day or a day or two earlier. The woods close to our mobile home are dense, but the ground is so hard, that no one could ever find a track unless it was right near a creek or on the edge of one of the ponds.
      Activities of Witness:   Standing outside smoking 
      Description of Creature:  No creature was seen
      Other Notes:    Now that the weather is cooling down at night, I will begin my personal research again, traveling to Ouachita National Forest, for possible activity. If I get time I would like to submit my experience my ex wife and I had in Michigan back in the early 80's.
      Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    There have been sightings in Pulaski and Saline Counties, and throughout Arkansas. I have talked to close acquaintances who have claimed to have seen evidence of sasquatch activity around their properties, and I personally believe that there are several creatures in our state, or at least many that pass through, stopping for food and/or shelter. 

    February 1, 2007 DATE:    March 15, 2005 
      TIME:     Dusk 
      LOCATION:   Pulaski County, Arkansas 
      TERRAIN:    Wooded, with lots of cliffs and hills. 
      OBSERVED:    It was at dusk when i saw it. Me and my friend where walking through the woods up the street from my house. We go on a lot of bigfoot hunts together. we had been searching all day and where about to pack up and head back home when we herd what sounded like footsteps behind us. When we turned around it took of running. The next day we went back out looking for what we had heard. We brought one of my other friends with us that day. It had just started to get dark when we heard walking behind us. This time we turned and followed it. It ran into an opening and hunched down. With my digital camera, I took a picture of this thing. It is hard to see with all the bushes around but you can see that there is something standing there.  I will try to get the picture on this web site soon.
      Activities of Witness:   We where doing research on bigfoot 
      Description of Creature:  It was black with a white stripe on its head, and a white patch on its left arm. It was about 7 1/2 foot tall, and very muscular.
      Other Notes:    I will get those pictures on as soon as i can, and i will report any more sightings i have.
      Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    Yes, i found 2 footprints side by side. i also have pictures of them and i will post them. 

    February 1, 2007 DATE:    March 15, 2005 
      TIME:     Dusk 
      LOCATION:   Pulaski County, Arkansas 
      TERRAIN:    Wooded, with lots of cliffs and hills. 
      OBSERVED:    It was at dusk when i saw it. Me and my friend where walking through the woods up the street from my house. We go on a lot of bigfoot hunts together. we had been searching all day and where about to pack up and head back home when we herd what sounded like footsteps behind us. When we turned around it took of running. The next day we went back out looking for what we had heard. We brought one of my other friends with us that day. It had just started to get dark when we heard walking behind us. This time we turned and followed it. It ran into an opening and hunched down. With my digital camera, I took a picture of this thing. It is hard to see with all the bushes around but you can see that there is something standing there.  I will try to get the picture on this web site soon.
      Activities of Witness:   We where doing research on bigfoot 
      Description of Creature:  It was black with a white stripe on its head, and a white patch on its left arm. It was about 7 1/2 foot tall, and very muscular.
      Other Notes:    I will get those pictures on as soon as i can, and i will report any more sightings i have.
      Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    Yes, i found 2 footprints side by side. i also have pictures of them and i will post them. 

    DATE:    September 3, 2003
      TIME:     12:30am
      LOCATION:   Arkansas, Pulaski County
      TERRAIN:    Wooded
      OBSERVED:    Unusually quiet.  Every other night it is very noisy with bugs and such.  I went outside for a "last cigarette" before bed.  I was standing on my wooden porch looking into the woods that our mobile home faces.  I noticed a small red "light" at first quite aways into the woods.  I kept moving around trying to get a better look, and then realized through the trees there were two red "eyes" looking right at me or at least in my direction.  (I mentioned to a couple of co-workers the next morning what I had seen, very casually.  They both said that to their knowledge no animal has red eyes, unless a light is reflecting on them.) There is no way a light was reflecting on this object because of the thick woods, so I am positive that I was looking at two red eyes.  I watched them the entire time I smoked, and noticed they appeared to be 7 to 9 foot above ground, moving occasionally from side to side.  I finally went in to bed, as I have to be up at 4:30am.
      Activities of Witness:   Nothing unusual.  I smoke outside now because of our two children, so I am outside after dark, and sometimes during the early morning hours.
      Description of Creature:  No sighting of the creature, but now that the weather has cooled down some, I may go to the woods today and look around.  I will definitely keep you informed on any findings or any related news.
      Other Notes:    Just that on this night, it was very quiet, only an occasional cricket or other insect sound.  Other nights it is very loud. I waited to see if I could hear any ground noise or tree breaking, but these "yes" appeared to be a good distance away from me.
      Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments:  Upon contact the witness had this to add, "I checked the woods behind my mobile home, but did not see anything unusual.".

    DATE:    8/10/03
      TIME:     N/A
      LOCATION:   Arkansas, Pulaski County
      TERRAIN:    Hilly, wooded terrain next to creek
      OBSERVED:    I found a track. The track was 12.5 in. in length, and 6 in.  wide. The track appeared to have four toes. The biggest toe was on the right. It was narrow at the heel, but widened drastically near the toes.
      Activities of Witness:   Hiking
      Description of Creature:  None, track find only.
      Other Notes:    Recently I had a strange experience. I took a stick, and was beating it against tree, and making Bigfoot noises, just messing around. I walked away, but about 10 minutes later heard tree break. It was breezy, but we're only talking maybe 10 mile per hour wind. The noise originated maybe 200 yards away, and I think fairly close to where I had beaten the stick. I am not positive that this is Bigfoot related, but it is a possibility.
      Additional Notes or Comments: When contacted the witness gave the same general information as above, except they added in more distinct information as to the location of where the track was found.
      Track was found on a road by a creek.
    It measured 12.5" long and  6" wide.

    DATE:    07/15/84
      TIME:     Around 12:00 am
      LOCATION:   Arkansas, Pulaski County
      TERRAIN:    Wooded
      OBSERVED:    My car at the time (a honda 600 sedan) had been having troubles with rust in the gas tank and this night was no different.  My fiancé at the time and I were going to her brother's house when this problem reared it's head again.  3 times, I thought I had it fixed and started to drive out and the car
    would stall again.  We'd push it back into the parking lot and try again. We were pushing the car back on the third time when I started getting the crawling feeling of being watched.  I had also noticed an acrid smell, but the area had some problems with skunks, so I didn't really pay much attention other that the thought there was a skunk nearby.  We had just gotten the car back into the parking lot when we heard the most unearthly screech. I have never forgotten that screech.  Every hair on my body stood out, and even now, after more than 15 years, I get a cold shiver down my spine and my skin goose pimples. We didn't wait around or go searching, but shortly after hearing the screech, a county sheriff came by and we were able to get a ride to her brother's house. We returned to the car the next day and it started and ran just fine.
      Activities of Witness:   Working on the car
      Description of Creature:  N/A
      Other Notes:   The only other things I have witnessed have been the strange feelings of being watched, especially around dusk, and the occasional acrid smell, mostly associated with skunks.  Many years later, I heard a recording of what was supposed to be a sasquatch.  I got the same feeling I got that night.  Every hair on my body stood out, a cold shiver ran down my spine and my skin goose pimples.
      Additional Notes or Comments:  This incident happened in an area near a park which at the time, had a reputation among the youth of the area of being a magnet for strange things.

    DATE:    06/30/03
      TIME:     5:30 pm
      LOCATION:   Arkansas, Pulaski County
      TERRAIN:    Wooded
      OBSERVED:    Well im 13 and i was walking through the woods and when i cleared the tree line i heard an awful howling/scream/moan. it was horrible i didn't see the creature until i seen something tall and fairly hairy sprinting across the woods it must have known the woods well it never tripped or stumbled!  it was wet and it still didn't slip or fall! Activities of Witness:   practicing military camo tactics with a friend.
      Description of Creature:  7 to 8 feet tall, brown hair and really fast
      Other Notes:    people have said they seen a brown animal once in a while (i didn't believe 'em) 

    DATE:         04-10-97 TIME:          Dusk LOCATION:  Trace Ridge, Arkansas, Searcy County TERRAIN:     Wooded OBSERVED:   I was out calling my hounds obout an hour after sundown.
    After calling them on and off for about an hour or so, then I heard a deep mumbling,
    about three hundred yards up the hollow. I also heard something like a tree being beat on with a club.  Then I heard it again one hundred yards from me.  It was the same deep mumbling but this time it ended with a loud scream.
      Activities of Witness:     Calling in the hounds Description of Creature: Other Notes:          My brother heard the same noise, while walking to the truck where I was at.  When he heard it, it was a good five or six hundred yards.  And he said he could hear it pretty good. Other Other Notes:       (From interview on telephone)  The father had an experience also about this same time as something walked up behind him on two feet while he was in his turkey hunting blind while he was busy trying to call in some wild turkeys.  The father turned around, it fled, and he could hear it running away on two feet.  Whatever it was it had gotten within approximately 25 yards of him.  The entire family are avid hunters and know the woods, sounds, etc. and the two boys still hunt very frequently.  They have acreage there they hunt on and another plot of land, and there are many bears there.  He feeds a lot of corn to the deer also and said one year he fed out over 1500 pound of corn, a very large amount from normal.  Also, a lot of wild grapes that vine up into the trees grow there.  Father told of seeing evidence of tree tops broken out where something heavy had evidently climbed into them for the grapes.   Father also saw a large cedar tree pulled over along about this time and he wondered about it at that time too.

    DATE:          1981 TIME:          Night time LOCATION:   Monkey Run, Arkansas,  Baxter County TERRAIN:     Wooded OBSERVED:     This did not happen to me but to a cousin of mine. Back in the summer of 1981, we had just moved and my aunt and uncle had just bought our trailer we used to live in. They set this trailer up in Monkey Run, a small town located just off of Highway 126 in
    northern Baxter County. My cousin who was about 6 at the time shared his bedroom with his younger brother. They had bunk beds and he slept on the top bunk. I laugh about this because those were the same beds that me and my sister had shared at one time. I used to sleep on the top bunk and at the time there had been some sightings of bigfoot in Baxter County, and it was the talk of the town. It scared me so much that I would not sleep in the top bunk because on each side of me where windows and I was afraid of waking up and seeing a bigfoot staring at me. Anyway one night my cousin had woken up and starting to climb down and go to the bathroom. At first he noticed a bad smell almost like that of a skunk but much worse. Then he caught a glimpse out of the corner of his eye of something moving outside of the window to his right. He turned and looked and seen what he described as a large
    cow with bushy eyebrows staring at him. Well you could imagine this scared the little boy half to death. He made a mad dash right to his parents room. When he told his mom what he had seen.  She quickly grabbed a shotgun and headed to the back door. Which would have been about 6 feet from the window where the thing was seen. She turned the porch light on and opened the door. But by this time the thing had already left in a hurry. She could hear something definitely big running through the woods at a very fast pace. She says it was most definitely running on two legs. Now the window where my cousin had seen this thing was about 7 foot from the ground. Today now that my cousin is well into his twenties. He remembers the incident clear as day and said what he saw was a bigfoot and know one can tell him different. He can even remember the facial expression on the bigfoot. He said it was one of curiousty almost like it had come to see what had just moved in or around its territory.  He or anyone of his family members never had another encounter the whole time they stayed there. And he happen to live there up until the age of 18.  Now today he lives on the same land but in a different area and has still had no encounter of any kind.
      Activities of Witness:  Had just woken up and was climbing down from the bunk bed to go to the bathroom. Description of Creature:    Eye witness now believes what he saw was a bigfoot because of the facial expression the creature had on its face Other Notes:     My aunt did notice a strange smell before the incident but passed it off as a skunk of some sort.
      OTHER SIGHTINGS IN THIS AREA?:   No more sightings in the Monkey Run area. But at the time there had been some sightings in Baxter County

     June 1, 2009 DATE:    April 14, 2007 
      TIME:     3:32 pm 
      LOCATION:   Baxter County, Arkansas 
      TERRAIN:    Wooded / hilly 
      OBSERVED:    I was hunting for morel mushrooms one day when i looked down then up and about.....70 yards away there was a strange bi pedal pencil shaped skinny thing with long arms it was at least 7/8 feet tall with darkish yellow fur it was walking in the opposite direction of me...i think it looked at me once and it started to walk faster i haven't seen it since. Additional things: 3 strong huffs.  Activities of Witness:   Hunting morel mushrooms we weren't drinking 
      Description of Creature:  Odd bi pedal extremely skinny creature  

    DATE:        9-12-01 TIME:       5:30 A.M. LOCATION:   Conway, Arkansas, Stobe's Forest, Faulkner County
      TERRAIN:     Wooded

    June 1, 2007 DATE:    April 18, 2006 
      TIME:     1:00 pm 
      LOCATION:   Yell County, Arkansas 
      TERRAIN:    Very mountainous surrounded in hardwoods. This is also a very rocky area, mixed with small streams and rivers. 
      OBSERVED:    I have been actively searching and researching this creature for a few years now, and I decided to take a ride to this area for this purpose. There have been numerous reports in surrounding counties over the years, and also in the Ozark and Ouachita National Forests. I arrived at the location around 12:45 in the afternoon. I was making the climb to the top in my SUV when I saw an observation deck to the right. I pulled off the small road and was walking to the deck, which overlooks miles and miles of country, including the Arkansas River, Lake Dardanelle, and some of the Ozarks. I noticed a group of people on the observation deck, talking and taking pictures, so I stopped short (about 200 feet) and just went as close to the edge of the cliff as I could to see what I could see. I immediately heard very loud and clear "gibberish" coming from over the edge and somewhere down the side of this mountain. I could not see anything while looking down this cliff because my view was obstructed by pine trees and large boulders. The incline was very steep and no man could have successfully climbed down unless he had the proper equipment. But as I stood there in awe, the "talking" took place for at least 5 minutes. I assumed there were at least two creatures communicating, and I remember thinking then and now: what else could it have been? They made grunting sounds and there were no high pitched sounds at all. I kept looking but just could not see anything. After cursing myself for not having my hand held tape recorder with me, I finally continued up the mountain and drove around. This was the only event that took place with me on that day. Of course, the area would be excellent habitat for these creatures, as they would have unlimited sources of food and water. Wildlife include bear, deer, coyote, bobcat, and nearly every small game animal. Also unlimited fish in the waterways surrounding the area, along with fruit trees in certain areas.
      Activities of Witness:   On my days off work and many nights too, I take rides around my county, and sometimes I go for longer drives (like this one). Gas prices though, have limited my traveling lately, but I do spend quite a bit of time in the woods in my county (Pulaski), and I often travel to Saline and Perry Counties where part of the Ouachita National Forest is located. I like to travel to areas where recent sightings have been reported. My main reason for traveling to XXXXX that day (which is about 90 miles one way) was because of recent sightings in and around the nearby area. 
      Description of Creature:  N/A
      Other Notes:    I still think that there may be continuing activity in our woods behind our mobile home. I submitted a report to you about three years ago about a pair of red eyes watching me. I have had continued "events" over the past few years in these woods. Just two nights ago about 1 am, I was awakened by a loud crashing through the woods, just inside the tree line I think. I laid there and finally got up and went outside and could clearly hear bipedal movement just inside our woods. It stopped abruptly after our outside light came on. I checked the woods where the sounds came from yesterday after work. No tracks could be found because it is so rocky under the leaves, but I did find three young, green trees broken off about six to six and a half feet up. the trees stand about 30 feet tall and have a diameter of about five to six inches around where they were snapped and hanging to the ground. If you need any more info, feel free to email me as I love to talk about these animals.
      Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    Yes, the Ozarks is an area for continuing reports and that particular area in Arkansas is well known for different types of evidence over the years. 

    DATE:              August 1977
      TIME:              6:30 or 7:00 a.m.
      LOCATION:     Gurdon, Arkansas, Clark County TERRAIN:        Wooded, Bottom Land OBSERVED:    It was summer and my mom ,dad, brother ,and i had gone down to our
    deer camp to do some fishing . we had all been there for two days.  the next
    moring my mother woke my dad up and said she heard something splash in the
    inthe river below the cabin .my dad told her it was just beaver or big fish.
    thenmy mom said she heard grunting noise . about 15min. later they both
    heard another splash , then they saw it ,it was 7'or8' feet tall black hair
    and look like a man .this thing took booth it hands and claim out of river .
    the banks are 15 feet or 20 feet tall . when it got up on the bank it kind
    of shook it self off like a dog . it stood there for 5 min then walk away on
    its hind legs just like a man . then in same way it went both of them heard
    a screem . ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES): DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:   7'or 8' tall ,black hair long  human like , long arms down to neas, In 1982 my dad and i were deer hunting and found a foot print on the gas
    pipe line road .  It was human like but verry big and only  three toe's .  It
    was only 300' froom our cabin .

    DATE:          08/06/99
      TIME:           1:00-2:00 A.M.
      LOCATION: About 3 miles outside of Sparkman, Arkansas, USA. (The Arkadelphia side of Sparkman) Clark or Dallas Counties???  Highway 7 runs right in front of where this happened and the Ouchita River runs past a few miles behind my grandparents house.
      TERRAIN: Wooded
      OBSERVED:  My brother & myself were standing out in front of our grandparent's house discussing some of the events that had happened earlier that evening at our family reunion.  It was getting late and my brother was preparing to go down to my aunt's house where he was to spend the night.  (My aunt lives about 150 yards above my grandparents house.)   Having said our goodnights, my brother was walking out to his truck and I was about to go inside and join my wife in bed, when something up the road past my aunt's place let out an incredible scream.  It sounded like it was about a 1/2 mile away in the woods but it was LOUD!!!  It sounded almost as
    if it had been broadcast over stadium loudspeakers. The sound itself was like a cross between sheet metal being ripped and a man hollering at the top of his lungs. It also sounded agitated.  By the time the second scream came, my brother had almost knocked me over trying to get back into my grandmother's house.  He wound up spending the night.  In the morning we asked other family members if they too had heard the racket of the night before.  It turned out that none of them had the night before but several of my aunts & uncles and my grandparents had been hearing those screams off & on for weeks, as much in the daytime as at night.  Also, that whatever it was that made those screams moved around very quickly because you could hear it way off in the distance and then in just a few moments you would hear it again almost right on top of you.  They also said that my grandfather's dogs which he keeps out in the field to keep deer out of his corn, and which usually bark at anything that moves, become very quiet while the
    screaming is going on. My family has been in this particular area since slavery times, growing up off of the land by farming, hunting, and fishing as many rural African American families did up until a few decades ago.  My grandfather and one of my uncles are known for their outdoorsmanship & hunting skills and even they can't imagine what is doing this screaming.
      We've had the occassional panther and peacock around and foxes, eagles, owls, coyotes, bobcats and hogs are frequent.  These screams are different from all of these things all together.  They also said that the screams happen most when people are outside working close to the woods.  My Grandfather, who used to would get
    up in his boxer drawers and t-shirt with a flashlight to investigate strange noises at night, won't even go into the woods anymore due to the screams and the fact that he says that the woods have grown up so much that there's no telling what's back there.  Since I was big enough to hold a rifle I have been deer hunting in those woods and though I haven't seen or heard anything out of the norm, these screams are something new to me. Description of Creature:  None Given
      Activities of Witness:  Standing under my grandparents carport talking with my brother. ng .
    Other Notes:That sunday while my parents were visiting some of my aunts and uncles, my son and some of my cousins were outside playing when they were ran inside the house by something in the woods.  They were really shaken up but when they calmed down they said that they never saw what it was because they all ran but that it enourmous coming through the woods like an elephant and screaming.  My uncle grabbed a rifle and went to investigate but I haven't talked to him since then (my wife & I had to leave going back to Louisiana for work & school) so I don't know if he found anything. Other Other Notes:   My mom, aunts & uncles, older cousins, and grandparents used to talk about some of their cousins who lived a few miles away in a little place called Craigtown??   Who from time to time used to have what they called a giant monkey that stunk on or around their property. 

    DATE:           1930'S to present TIME: LOCATION:  Columbia County, Arkansas
                     Arkansas/Louisiana State Linekansas/Louisiana State Line
    Arkansas/Louisiana State LineArkansas/Louisiana State Line TERRAIN:Creek Bottoms, Big thickets, Occasional pasture
      OBSERVED:    This all started some 20 years ago I suppose. One day in Squirrel season as I was hunting I heard a Strange sound, That I identified as a kid crying , but with a different pitch and more power.  I froze by the tree I was standing at and listened to this for some five to ten minutes, trying to figure out what the heck was going on in that thicket ahead of me. A year or two later I suppose it was , I and my youngest daughter were hunting, when we walked up on a sweetgun sapling with stubs of what used to be limbs were rubbed down with relics of hair on them.  The hair didn't really tax my brain as did the height at which the broken limbs and tufts of hair were at. I'm 6'3" and I had to reach up to highest lodgings of hair.  I took some home with me and kept it for years.  Unlike any hair I have seen.  Stiff of a sort, but not like a hog.  About one to two inches long. This was a black hair with a slight salt and pepper appearance. After reading this site regularly and other experiences of folks, I would in a discrete way open the door for information. I can't name them all so I'll be brief. Back in the 20's or 30's One of our neighbors went to the bottom Duck Hunting one morning. His son (now in his 70's) told me about overhearing him telling his mother, thinking all the kids were asleep, of how something chased him out of the bottom.  I found out that one of his son's went hunting within hollering distance of his father's episode.  Something would shake a big sapling and let out ear-rattling screams, causing him to leave right away. At the time I didn't know all this, but, the crying in the thicket years later that I heard was no more than three hundred yds. from his experiences. And to put the icing on the cake some five years ago my father, my brother, and myself went back to this spot one morning before daylight to hunt.  We made all the usual racket of unloading , getting our guns out and ready,you know the scene.  I got my stuff ready first, so I went across the slew, and walked into the edge of the big timber on the other side only as far as I could see to walk.  I stopped with my gun on my shoulder to look listen and wait for the others and daylight. All of a sudden to my right was a commotion, and a sound that I passed off as a wild hog at that time, NOT thinking and knowing that a hog would be long gone from all the racket we had made.  And I was not even 40 Yds from the truck when it startled me.  I thought at the time that that hog sounded e-xtra pissed off. Sounded like it was making an attempt to cuss me out.  And this was not over 15 ft. from me .  Not to mention seeing a 3-toed small track in the edge of a slew, twice. Not to mention the story of a man who lives on down the creek who was fishing and this thing walked up behind him , just stood there breathing, causing him to leave very soon.  Or the trapper that had a pile of super-human looking excrement in his usual path going home. There's more , but for now I'll let it be.  My observation and opinion is that these creatures are somewhat migratory, and move around in small groups. They illude people when possible ,& hide as much as possible. I cannot give you a visual description of these thing, though I would under the right conditions like to see one . Who knows.

    DATE:           1980 TIME:            Morning, just after light LOCATION:  Arkansas, Drew County, Seven Devils Swamp TERRAIN:     Wooded, Flat bottom land, old growth trees OBSERVED:    After duck hunting the swamps for years, almost every day during the duck season, I decided to try and find an area with less people. I was looking for a good spot that people couldn't get to or wouldn't try to get to so I would be away from all the other hunters. I drove an old logging road around the swamp. My friends and I weaved our way around trees until we could not go any further. Everyone jumped out and hit an animal trail in front of the truck and along the water. I was last out of the truck, getting my gear together. As I stepped around my truck, along the waters edge, I looked down to see a very large bare foot print on the soft bank coming out of the water. I had thought that someone had fallen down in the water and took their wadders off but later realized that there were no tire tracks other than ours getting to the area and no foot traffic getting here either not to mention the temperature was just above freezing. At the time I dismissed it. We laughed and joked the whole time while hunting and really never got into the ducks that morning. Later I asked the guys if they had seen the foot print also, but none had noticed. Description of Creature:   N/A Activities of Witness:  Duck Hunting Other Notes:  There have been just a few times, through the years, that I felt like something was watching me and some times something was following me through the swamp in the water. I could never see anything and every time I stopped it would stop. Usually this happened when the bottoms were empty and I was the only one down there. Once I was wadding in during an early hunt, only vehicle down there so only one hunting, that I came across a wadding trail. Nothing leaves a wadding trail except people. I had always dismissed these occurences.

    DATE:         Fall 1973 TIME:          Around 10:30 am LOCATION:  Arkansas, Drew County TERRAIN:     Woodlands, near creek bottoms OBSERVED:    I was hunting through the woods and came across a large game trail. I followed the trail to a small clearing. The clearing had grass about waist high. The clearing was about 10-15 yards wide around a one room abandoned shack. The trail continued to the front porch. The shack had been abandon for many many years and was leaning to one side. The front porch was collapsed with part of its roof leaning down low over it but still attached. The front door was still attached but swung open to one side from the shack leaning. I had been feeling a little uneasy while following the trail and now felt very uncomfortable. I slowly walked forward looking through the open door. When I got to the front I could see inside and see that the floor had  fallen down with only the edges still in place. It looked like it had been broken down leaving only the edges at floor level. Inside, on top of the fallen flooring, was a large pressed down pad of grasses, leaves, and twigs. This covered all of the fallen in flooring. It looked like a giant nest as best as I can describe. It was not natural at all. I then heard brush breaking and something walking in the leaves some distance away up the hill side. It sounded really big. It could have been a hog but they usually stay in the bottoms. It made me nervous so I left. I have seen other abandoned house places and shacks but had never seen anything like this. Description of Creature:   N/A Activities of Witness:  Hunting deep in the woods, up and along side of a creek Other Notes:  I had hunted these woods for years but had not gone this deep before.

    DATE:           Mid August 1956-57 TIME:             Late Afternoon, very hot and dry conditions LOCATION:   Arkansas, Drew County, In a pond behind the family
                       home. TERRAIN:    Wooded rural area OBSERVED:   My sister, my youngest brother who was 10 years of age at the time, and I saw something we had never seen before. I heard my brother yelling and I ran to the pond with my sister. My younger brother pointed across the pond. We first saw large ripples. My brother was very excited, as best as I can remember he said, "Wait, wait, it's head will come up".  And sure enough its head came up.  It swam toward us to within maybe 12 to 14 feet from me.  My younger brother ran to the house to get the gun.  It went under the water right in front of me, just a few feet away from the bank where we stood, and stayed down. Soon my brother returned with the gun and asked where it was. I pointed to the spot at the edge of the pond, where it went down.  We waited for it to come up again.  When it did my brother took aim and fired the gun.  It immediately went back under the water. We waited for it to surface again, or the body to float to the top, but we never saw it again.  We never saw blood or anything, not a sign. Many people in the community came to our pond to look.  Men walked the pond but did not find anything. We were asked if we knew what a beaver and many other animals looked like and of course we did. We had lived in rural southeast Arkansas all of our lives. The pond behind our house was very large with a wooded area at the back. The woods extended into the pond.  From that same side a creek flowed in.  I do not remember smells, but do remember it was a creature I had never seen before.  It certainly looked like the pictures of Bigfoot I have seen.  It was very hairy, dark and the eyes were set back in its head. It was not afraid of us. Description of Creature:   It certainly looked like the pictures of Bigfoot I have seen. It was very hairy, dark and the eyes were set back in its head. Activities of Witness:  Hunting deep in the woods, up and along side of a creek Other Notes:  (Anything out of the ordinary that you noticed, any smells or sounds) I was very impressed at how fast it could swim and how long it could stay under water.  It swam from the back of our large pond to where I stood, at the water's edge, in very little time.  It went under water and stayed under the whole time it took for my brother to go get the gun and return.  Even after that we waited a while for it to surface. I know it didn't surface before hand because I watched the water where it went under until it came back up and my Brother shot.  It could have swam under water, back into the trees, and walked out without us seeing it.  But we were sure my brother had hit it when he shot.

    June 1, 2010 DATE:    02/12/09 
      TIME:     11:30 pm 
      LOCATION:   Drew County, Arkansas 
      TERRAIN:    Wooded 
      OBSERVED:    It had been raining alot and the saline river bottoms was flooded which is about two miles from my house and the ouachita river was also flooded (In fact I think it was when the ouachita levies was breaking in Louisiana.)  which the saline is connected to.  I was in my front yard and heard a crain grunt but deeper and then heard foot steps but it was not a animal because it was two feet not four, I can tell because I've hunted all my life.  At first I thought it was someone messing with me so I ran over to where it was and it took off running and ran in the middle of the road and started grunting again and I thought I could see a black figure then it disappeared.  I had heard the grunting several times before but didn't think anything of it.  about two weeks before my grandmother which lived about seven miles away said she walked out her back porch and said she seen a black bear that was standing on his back legs and hid behind a tree.  I think with all of the raining it was forced out of the river bottoms to come up further on dry land.  Do I think it was bigfoot?  maybe.
      Activities of Witness:   N/A 
      Description of Creature:  What ever it was was walking on two legs and made a grunting sound like a crain but deeper. 
      Other Notes:    I had been hearing the grunting sound for a couple of weeks.

    DATE:    2000-2003
      TIME:     Various events over the past 3 year period
      LOCATION:   Arkansas, Garland County
      TERRAIN:    Wooded
      OBSERVED:    This is some of my reports of about a three year period. My first encounter was when I was scouting for turkey signs along a bluff above the river. I stopped to listen and watch, when I heard rocks being thrown into the river off of the opposite bluff. I stood up and heard a loud growl scream. I got out of there. When I looked into it and started researching it and discovered it was possibly bigfoot, I have been researching ever since.
    I have experienced many vocals in this area and on lake xxxxxxxxx. One night I was camped out on the river bow fishing in early spring with a friend. At 2:00 we heard a loud shrill yell, this same noise continued through out the night. One night I was being lazy and needed to take out the trash, but being lazy I through it on top of the vehicle (dont know if that helped to draw the creature) Any way i went to bed and my dog wanted out at about 3pm. I got up let him out. About 15 min later in the front room he freaked out. Jumped up started barking and growling and suddenly shut up and ran in and got in my bed shaking. I thought maybe someone was trying to break in. I grabbed my auto .270 and went up there. Out the window right at the window I saw what at first I thought was a human. I jacked a shell in my gun and the creature just kept looking moving its head side to side . From inside there was a glare. I started trying to peer out the window and I could see long shaggy hair.  Then it jumped up suddenly and let out a deep growl and darted for the hill side.  That was my only actual sighting. Since i live in the woods I research almost every day.
      Activities of Witness:   Bow fishing, Scouting, sleeping and investigating the bf phenomena.
      Description of Creature:  Approx. 7 feet in height long brown dark colored hair.
      Other Notes:    N/A
      Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments:  Upon contact on 01/11/04 the witness had this to add. Today me and my friend went out in a field about 300 yds from the river. We started hearing something in the river walking. then we heard the loud splashes like rocks being thrown into the river this went on for about 3 min then it quit and the creature moved down the bank and the rock throwing began again. This was at night, about 6:00 pm. After the first splash we heard what sounded like a crane being killed. It was a loud horrible squalling/screaming. Not the typical errh a crane makes. I  also know these splashes weren't made by a beaver, I hunt alot.  This was totally different. Then there was another splash and the same noise.  I believe it was a crane, but not sure seeing as how these creatures seem to have such a large variety of vocals. the splashes went on for about another min. About 11 splashes in all. then it stopped. We stayed for approx. 30 min later and heard nothing ,more. I wasn't interested in finding out what it was with no light. Note i did have my .270 and my buddy had a pump 12. And to be honest that walk home was looking pretty long. I was beginning to get a little spooked. so we left. I cant say for sure what all the commotion was about because i didn't see it.

    DATE:    8/9/03
      TIME:     Around 2:00 p.m.
      LOCATION:   Arkansas, Miller County
      TERRAIN:    Wooded
      OBSERVED:    Me and a partner were on an amateur bigfoot expedition, in the SulphurRiver bottoms. We began hiking near a boat ramp in the w.m.a. we found 5-8 (lost track) tracks bearing striking resemblance to human tracks. However, some tracks were disproportionately wide, and some were curved. All of the tracks were found either on the banks of the river or on the slope leading to the river. It was to muddy to make casts however so we took pictures of two of the tracks. I forgot to put something down for scale on one, sadly. The other however I set a ruler by.  One of the tracks was 12 in. long and 5-6 in. wide. The other that we measured was 14 in. in length.
      Activities of Witness:   We visited a cemetery that some of our ancestors are buried in. Our family up until the 60's lived in this area since civil war times.
      Description of Creature:  Nothing strange but tracks.
      Other Notes:    Almost constantly people report strange occurrences. It is understandable since you don't have to go far to get into remote bottom land forest.
      Additional Notes or Comments:  There are similarities in the tracks your researcher M.K. Davis found and the one's that I found.  I can send pictures. After contact with the witness, they sent us the photos (posted below) for our review, as well as stated: The two tracks in the photos were taken in the Sulphur River bottoms of Miller County, AR.  We found several tracks in the area along with the ones in the pictures.  We measured one at 14 inches in length, but were running low on film and did not photograph it.  At first I thought the tracks with the ruler beside it in the photo  was eroded on the inside of the light part of the track, but on second thought, I suspect when the creature hit harder dirt, the pressure of it's foot caused it to widen. I also recently found some tracks a little closer to home.  When I get the pictures of them developed I will re-evaluate to see if they are noteworthy.

    DATE:    June 1978
      TIME:     Early Morning
      LOCATION:   Arkansas, Miller County (Sulphur River Bottoms)
      TERRAIN:    Wooded, swampy
      Activities of Witness:   CRUISING TIMBER FOR LANDOWNER
      Description of Creature:  N/A
      Additional Notes or Comments:  AFTER THE INCIDENT I DID TALK TO SEVERAL OF THE LOCALS AND THEY REPORTED BEING FOLLOWED BY "SOMETHING" LARGE WHILE EITHER HUNTING OR FISHING THE RIVER OR ONE OF THE MANY SLOUGHS IN THE AREA. Additional - Additional Notes or Comments: Upon contacting the witness, they had this to add: This report is as truthful as i could tell it. I'm under the old adage that only Robert Rourke could put into words....next time i'm in that area i will use enough gun.....

    DATE:  March 15, 2002 TIME:   Late afternoon LOCATION:  Arkansas, Miller County TERRAIN:    Hills tapering into swamp OBSERVED: People at the Monster Mart in Fouke, told me where the bigfoot activities , documented in a famous film , took place. I went into the area and took a ride around the area. I took a road that resulted in a dead end. As I turned around and went to go out , my wife heard someone holler out their door. I stopped, backed up and introduced myself and described my interests. As it were , this person was a cousin of Smokey Crabtree, one of the principals in the film. During the visit, she told me that there had been a sighting along Hwy 71 , where it crossed Boggy Creek. I asked her about when , and she looked seriously at me and said " Within the last six months." I went to the area and did a walkabout. I came upon several tracks that were about a month old (just guessing). I went back into Texarkana, and bought some plaster and went back and poured it. Due to weather conditions , it did not set properly and I had to settle for a photo. This track wasn't particularly large, but had a unique shape , and a very large big toe, (See attached track photo below). ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES):  Riding in the area of the legendary Fouke Monster DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:  N/A OTHER NOTES:   There had been some logging activity on Boggy Creek. I also noticed a lot of wind damage to trees in the area , where we rode around. Apparently a tornado or severe thunderstorm had been in the area. The lady I talked to said that she had heard strange sounds like "a dying man". This had not been recently though. FOLLOW UPS:  This is report/photo was posted courtesy of, and from, one of GCBRO's Member/Researchers, M.K. Davis.  He is planning a return trip to the area for more information.

    DATE:  10/1992
      TIME:  It was around 11:00 P.M.
      LOCATION: Fouke Arkansas, Miller County  
    TERRAIN:  Wooded on right side, and open field on left. 
      OBSERVED:    Some friends and I were driving back to Fouke AR. There was six of us in all. A large semi was coming toward us with the bright lights on. Out of the wooded area, we could see the silhouette of something in front of the truck lights. It was a large animal, walking on its hind legs.  I thought it was a bear, but I could see that it was man-like.  It walked across the road, and into a large field. When we got to where it was, the truck-driver had stopped and was out of his truck. We asked him what it was, and he told us he didn't know, but he saw it also.  I used to be a skeptic on this sort of thing, but seeing that night, I believe.
      ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES):  Driving back to Fouke Ar.
      DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE: I would say it was about 6-7 ft. tall, hair from head to toe. I didn't see the eyes, and when we got out, didn't hear any noises. It didn't seem aggressive.  I have never seen it again, and I do not know if there has been any other sightings out there.
      OTHER NOTES:  The reason I believe it is true, and not just someone pulling a stunt, is the fact that there are no houses out there for miles. The field it ran into is at least four or five miles square. We were in the middle of nowhere, and there are few cars that travel that road.
    All of us talked about what we saw to our families. I still think that they do not believe us. We never reported anything, because we didn't want people thinking that we were trying to get attention or something. I don't know if the trucker said anything or not. I still tell people to this day, what I saw, when the subject comes up.
       OTHER SIGHTINGS IN THIS AREA?:  Yes, the area is famous for the "Fouke Monster"

    DATE:  07/5/01
      TIME:   1:00 a.m.   LOCATION: Doddridge, Arkansas, Miller County, USA   TERRAIN:  Wooded
      OBSERVED:    A pair of glowing reddish, orange colored eyes, about 8 to 10 ft. off the ground.  It made a grunting noise. Then there was a scratching noise on the air conditioner (on the window unit).  Also seen on 7/3/01 and plenty more times before that by other people.
        ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES):   Riding 4-wheeler, and peeing off the front steps
      DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:  Tall, skinny, and red, glowing eyes.   OTHER NOTES:  Logging occurred.

    DATE:                 October, 1997
      LOCATION:      Hwy 237, Near Sulpher River in Miller County,
      TERRAIN:          Wooded area.
      OBSERVED:     The witness was out working on his car during the late afternoon
    hours when he felt a strange feeling he was being observed. He then noticed a
    large hair covered creature just inside a wooded area watching him. He acted as if he didn't notice the creature and kept on about his work while
    stealing  inconspicuous glances at the creature. It was present for
    approximately 3 to 5 minutes and when he looked again it was gone.  He then felt very
    uncomfortable and went inside the house.
      Description of Creature:    Large hair covered creature approximately
    7' tall and weighing in the neighborhood of 350 lbs.
      Other Notes:   Witness also reported missing a large pig.

    DATE:             July 11, 1998
      LOCATION:    Miller County, Jonesville Area near Fouke, Arkansas
      TERRAIN:       Swampy, river bottoms
      OBSERVED:  First off, I wish to remain anonymous, due to the fact of all the problems that have plagued this area, ever since that movie was made about the creature in this area.  I was baby-sitting my sister's kids on 7/11/98 and it was fairly early in the morning, around 9:00 A.M. or so,  and the heat was not fully set in at that time, so it was still halfway bearable.  I asked the kids if they wanted to go for a walk, down that new area where there had been some timber cut out.  They all were eager to get out of the house, so we all headed out down the road and towards that clear-cut area. We got to the area and proceeded to walk towards the back of it, and off to the right near the back, something caught my eye.  Off standing in the edge of the woods, was a very large hairy creature just standing there looking at us.   I didn't want to alarm or scare the children, so I tried to play it cool, and told them we needed to head back now, before it got too hot.  I kept looking out the corner of my eye to see if it tried to follow us or anything.  I have to say this, that was the longest walk I have ever had to take.  I was scared to death and, was so afraid that that thing was going to come after us, but it never did. Description of Creature:  It was about 6 1/2 foot tall, brown in color, it seemed to be kinda swaying from left to right and back again, like maybe it was nervous or something.
      Other Notes:  As stated above there has been some type of creature in this area for several years, but this is the first I have seen anything of it. 

    DATE:             February 2,1999
      TIME:          2:00 am
      LOCATION: 10 miles south of Texarkana,  Miller County, Arkansas TERRAIN:    Open pasture surrounded by swampy wooded terrain
      OBSERVED:   It was a bright moon lit night. My husband and I were up late watching T.V.   We own close to fifty acres of land that is frequented by a heard of wild hogs at night.  These hogs range in size from about 75 to 600 lbs.  My husband was waiting for them to come out in the open so that he could shoot one.  We live in a large 2 story house that over looks the property.  We decided to go upstairs so we could get a better view.  We could hear the hogs starting to approach.  We began to see their outlines in the dark. Then we started to hear a strange sound from far to the right.  Then there was an answer from directly behind the hogs.  It sounded like a whistle that turned into a gibberish type noise. Then the hogs started to scream and run for the tree line. Then there was a blood curdling scream.  I could tell by the sound that one of the hogs was being slaughtered.  It was followed by loud shriekish screams and howls with this gibberish sound mixed in.  I have never heard anything quite like this before.  It made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. These noises continued for about 5 minutes.  Every dog within a 2 mile radius was going nuts.  The next morning as soon as daylight broke my husband and I went to the field. There was a large flat spot about 4 feet in diameter covered in blood. The grass in the surrounding area was tore up.  You could tell that something was killed or wounded here. Whatever killed that hog, picked it up and walked away with it.
      Activities of Witness:     Sitting on second story of their house hunting hogs in the field. Description of Creature:   Large dark brown creature.  It was about 7 feet tall.  Its face was black and he couldn't see any white in the eyes. Other Notes:   This is not the first experience that we have had.  It started in September of 1997.  My husband and I had just bought this property and moved in the house on the 6th.  On the 17th I left the house at about 3:00 pm to go shopping with my mother.  My husband was outside working on his car and watering the lawn.  At about 6:00 pm, he had a strange feeling that someone was watching him. He started looking around and noticed something moving in the nearby brush.  He got up and walked out a little closer to the woods. He saw a Large dark brown creature.  It was about 7 feet tall.  Its face was black and he couldn't see any white in the eyes.  He stood there watching it and it continued to watch him.  He turned around and went to the house to get his pistol. When he came back outside he didn't see it.  He walked slowly towards the woods again. Then he noticed that it was sitting on the ground about 30 feet from where he saw it the first time.  He was about 200 feet from the creature. When I came home about 30 minutes later it was dark.  My husband was sitting in the yard with his gun and flashlight waiting for me.  He wanted to make sure I got home and in the house safely. He isn't sure when the creature left because it had gotten to dark and our woods are dense in the summer and early fall.  On October 2nd my pig went missing.  It was in a secured pen.  It was getting late.  I just fed her.  I went in the house.  I was in there about five minutes.  The dogs started barking so I went back outside to see why.  My pig was gone.  The pen was still closed there were no holes on breaks in her pen. The only way she could have gotten out was if something picked her up over the side of her pen which is about four feet high. I tried to get my dog to go and track her but he would only go to the side of the barn.  He would start whining and run back toward the house with his tail between his legs. About one month after this my mother said she saw a large gorilla type creature standing in the tree line watching a man who was here to fix my roof. My mother is a an ordained minister.  During the summer of 1998 we didn't see or hear anything. Odd things started happening again in November and continues very frequently. Most of the activity seems to be in the fall and winter months.  There are always more strange things going on when the hogs come.  Most of these occurrences are after dark. Other Other Notes:  There are several areas that are under investigation close by the area these incidents took place.

    DATE:    Summer 2004
      TIME:     Various
      LOCATION:   Saline County, Arkansas
      TERRAIN:    Wooded, Mountains
      OBSERVED:    The researcher initiated a three month long investigation in the area after several years of fruitless searching for the
    home range of an unidentified animal that he and four others had heard as the animal initiated a long, loud bellowing call from the top of a remote mountain about midnight during the month of December. The researcher had been systematically scouting the Forest in Saline and Perry counties by playing recorded calls of the bigfoot/sasquatch and recorded sounds of other large primates through a small, high volume PA system from twilight to late at
    night. Finally a response was received from two or more animals traveling together at dark one night in an area about 8 miles west of the upper end of an undisclosed lake in Saline County.  Both the lake and the area in which the animals were heard are within the boundaries of the XXXXX part of the Forest. The responses were heard in early July of 2004. Within two days the investigator set up bait stations at two nearby locations. Various fruits, meat, dog food, pecans and fish were used as attractants. Some of the baits were left on the ground and the rest placed in
    heavy duty cardboard buckets with rolled rims and suspended eight and one half feet off the ground on fine stainless steel wire
    stretched between trees. The wire is small enough that raccoons cannot hold onto it to hand-walk it from the trees to the buckets. The capacity of each bucket is about one gallon. Each buckets was equipped with a bail made from the stainless steel wire and inserted
    through the sides of the buckets below the rolled and crimped top edge. While dry, the rims of the buckets will withstand very hard pulls on the bails without being cut by the wire. The only food that was routinely eaten were fruits and nuts from the ground.  Most were eaten on the spot, although a large quantity of pears (several gallons) were apparently taken from the site. There were tracks of three different size bears, deer, coyotes and raccoons seen in the forest road close to the area. On one occasion there was a large body imprint left in the leaves beside the pears at one bait station, although no hair was found and the researcher felt it may have been left by the larger of the three bears that foraged in the area. The areas baited are very rocky, so footprints left in the leaves at the immediate bait sites were not very definitive. In mid-July the researcher left no bait at the sites except that which was placed in the buckets. On one visit he placed cantaloupe in one of the buckets and a different type of dog food in one of the adjoining buckets. He also carried to the site a can of "drippings" and fat particles from a broiled beef brisket. A small part of the beef drippings was poured over the dog food. The rest of the open can of drippings was purposely set on the steeply inclined surface of a large rock at the site. The investigator then enclosed the perimeter of that feeding site with heavy duty green thread that was wrapped and half-hitched around trees at a precise height of seven and one half off the ground. The diameter of the enclosed area was about twenty five feet. Before he left the site about 2 hours after dark, he played
    the recorded bigfoot/sasquatch calls. There was an immediate response from two different locations. The two sounds heard from both directions were identical and were loud, short bellowing noises somewhat similar to a person shouting loudly in anger. (There were no
    humans in that area. The sounds came from remote mountain ridges which are rough, ragged and with no roads.) The writer returned to the site two days later. He found that the perimeter thread had been broken alongside one of the trees to which it was attached. The thread had been stretched so tightly before it broke that the ten feet of loose thread was coiled in a small pile on the side of the other tree at a point about 2 inches below where it was wrapped around that tree. He noted that the rim of the bucket containing the dog food had been cut by the wire bail by something pulling on the bucket. The bucket had been carefully set on the ground nearly underneath its original location. None of the dog food had been spilled, and it appeared none had been eaten. The can that had contained the beef drippings was drained of every drop, not a drop had been spilled on the leaves, and the can had been set carefully upright on the ground beside the rock. During the three month period of investigations in this area, the investigator hiked over many miles in search of tracks and other
    physical evidence of unusual animals. During these hikes he carried with him a CD player containing an assortment of Bigfoot and other primate calls, along with a set of small stereo amplifiers. He also carried a set of Walker's Hunter Ears. One one occasion he played the BF calls from the stream bed in a narrow, steep sided valley. Within a few seconds he could hear something crashing through brush along the top of the ridge on the east side of the valley. The animals making the sound was coming toward him. From his concealed location he scanned the fairly open lower part of the ridge with binoculars. Nothing was seen. Although there was no wind, he heard through the "electronic ears" the deafening sound of a dead tree falling in the area the other sounds had originated from. Nothing else was seen or heard. At that time a thunderstorm was approaching, and since the researcher
    had no rain protection for the electronic equipment, he started back toward his truck which was about 3/4 mile from him. After
    walking briskly for several minutes he judged he was close enough to the truck to beat the rain if he used the calls again. He played the calls and immediately put on the Hunter's Ears. As soon as he turned them on he heard a very loud growling/snarling sound from a
    steep, rocky, brush covered slope immediately west of him. Although he carefully scanned the slope with binoculars, he saw no
    movement and no animal. Several days later the Investigator hiked toward the point where one of the sounds had originated from the first time responses were received after playing the BF calls. As he neared  the top of the ridge which led directly to the high point from which responses had originated, he heard loud, repetitive hooting sounds from the high point that were very similar to those made by howler monkeys or apes. The sounds had an aggressive tone, and since the Investigator was alone and unarmed, he chose not to try to approach the animal making the sounds. From the first part of July to the latter part of August the researcher and three others made numerous trips to the area. All heard various responses from animals that could not be identified for certain after the BF and primate calls were broadcast. By the end of September the animals quit responding to the recorded calls. We discovered they would respond to loud prolonged shouts by men or women. On one occasion at night some large animal crashed through the brush to within twenty yards or so of the researcher and his mature granddaughter just a few minutes after she made a prolonged wavering shout. (She beat the Investigator to the security of the truck's cab only because of her age, speed and agility.) This area is within the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's XXXXX Wildlife Management Area and firearms are only allowed during hunting seasons. On September 1 the researcher returned to the site to scout the area where the hooting sounds originated. At that time he carried a sidearm. During the expedition he found faint but clear footprints in nearly dried mud/sand below a small spring-fed pool high on the side of the mountain. Some of the mud/sand had adhered to the sole of the animal's foot and was left on the surfaces of two adjoining large rocks alongside the pool of water.
    Photographs were made of both tracks, although the photos do not show the tracks as well as could be seen by the eye. During one of the last trips to the area before the researcher left to set up arrangements for November & December investigations in the Clark County Alabama Studies Area, he played the recorded calls shortly after dark one night. After an hour and a half of sitting and listening through the Hunter's Ears, and hearing nothing but cicadas, coyotes and owls he decided to leave and began reloading his equipment. Before leaving he decided, just for the heck of it, to whistle long and loud to see what would happen.
    After the whistle he waited for several seconds with no response, so he continued to load his equipment, thinking to himself the whistle was a stupid idea.  At that time he heard the same, loud identical whistling sound coming from a ridge top about 400 yards away. The response was so unexpected that it felt as if the hair was standing up on the back of his neck. After waiting with a flash camera at the ready for about another fifteen minutes, no other sounds were heard and the Investigator left the site. There have been several sightings, and numerous reports of weird and unusual animal sounds from this area since it was settled over a hundred and fifty years ago. During the first week of September (as squirrel opened) the Investigator spoke with five different people who had heard strange, loud and unusual animals sounds around there camp. In one case a hunter hunter saw deer fleeing in panic from an area where he and the deer had heard a loud screaming sound at daybreak.
    The investigator will try to contact that witness to see if an incident report is warranted. The area is still under investigation by this and other investigators from The RFP Research Project. Any other information of interest gathered by the group will be shared with the GCBRO.
      Activities of Witness:   Conducting field investigations
      Description of Creature:  Observed faint imprints of large man-feet in semi-dry mud/sand  and on large rocks at a remote and secluded spring-fed pool. Heard a variety of unusual vocal sounds from non-typical animals, including yelling/screaming, howling, roaring, snarling and loud whistles. Also heard in these remote areas the mechanical sounds of wood-on-wood, and rock-on-rock.
    Saw indirect evidence of the presence of an animal that was at least seven and one half feet tall and evidence that the animal possessed the dexterity of hand as a human. Other Notes:    The investigator observed with particular interest - and with great curiosity - that coyotes and both red and grey fox
    responded to recorded bigfoot/sasquatch calls in the middle of the day and at night. It was noted these animals rushed into plain sight of the researcher on four different occasions in the middle of the afternoon and on other occasions at night. The animals disregarded the presence of the researcher and searched the immediate area with their noses to the ground as if searching for food they expected to be there. The animals that made the variety of sounds and left the direct and indirect evidence of their presence were not seen.
      Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments:  Upon contact the witness had no further information to add to this report

    DATE:           1977 TIME:            Morning LOCATION:   Arkansas, Saline River Bottoms TERRAIN:      Wooded, Flat bottom land, old growth trees OBSERVED:    This happened a couple of times, when ever I would go into this certain section of woods near the river.  I would slip hunt, walk a step or two and stop, looking for squirrels. I had traveld north along the Saline River and had gotten into some really big old growth trees with cane intermingled. Ferrel hog sign was here and there. The squirrels weren't too active that day and I had moved a long ways north. I could hear something ahead of me up from the river. After a while I could see some young pigs. I stayed still and watched them as they moved through rooting here and there.  The Sow never came through.  It was unusual that such young pigs had no Sow. I returned to hunting and had moved past where they had came down and through. It was then that I felt like something was watching and when I heard something, faintly, walking behind me. It was walking but only when I walked.  No matter how long I stood still it would not move.  Only a few times did it step after I had stepped.  I could never see it but I knew it was there.  I decide to circle up away from the river and back toward my truck.  The brush got thicker and what ever it was got closer.  I know it wasn't another hunter because people just dont do that if they dont want to get shot.  Plus this was the only way into where I was.  I kept moving along as I had, step or two then stop.  After I broke out of the thicker stuff it seemed to have stopped following me back at the thicker brush.  There were no other vehicles parked down there and no other way to get there. The same thing happened to me the very next time I hunted that area.  I stopped hunting that part of the river after that. Description of Creature:   N/A Activities of Witness:  Hunting Other Notes:  There had been stories of a wild man/booger man down in the bottoms. Other Other Notes:  N/A

    DATE:         1977

    TIME:         1:00 A.M.

    LOCATION:   Benton Arkansas, Saline County


    OBSERVED:    I saw a bigfoot in Saline County Arkansas in 1977 at 1 a.m.  I was on my way to work  and saw a bigfoot sitting next to the road facing me. I stopped about 30 feet past him and looked back.  He was still sitting there with his back to me. I was on a motorcycle, so I just looked at him a couple minutes and went on to work. I heard the next day on the radio a Benton woman had seen a bigfoot at her back fence.

    ACTIVITIES OF WITNESSES:  I slept until 12 that night.



    DATE:    01/25/00

    TIME:     about 1:00 pm and again around 6:00 am the next morning

    LOCATION:   AR, Saline co.

    LOCATION 2  hwy x or xxxxxxx Rd.

    TERRAIN:    treeline near a small field

    OBSERVED:    This time i actually saw something. the first sighting hapened at about

    1:00 pm, i was at my grand parents house because there had been a major power

    outage due to an ice storm and we lived in a trailer so there house was warmer.

    Anyways I just happened to look out the window of my room toward the tree line

    near the graden and i saw a very tall and hairy brown bigfoot looking creature.

    It didnt move or anything, I watched it in awe for about 5 minutes then left to

    the kitchen. When I came back it was gone. Early that next morning there was a

    fresh layer of snow on the ground it was about 6:00am. I was just laying in bed

    and just at day break i saw it again in the exact same place but only this time

    it was white! this has baffled me ever since, after that i never saw it again,

    but from time to time I still look for that thing whatever it was.                                                        

     Activities of Witness:   No witnesses that I know of.

    Description of Creature:  both times it was about 7' tall and about 350lbs. if that. it was

    perfetcly still and never made and aggressive moves, actually it looked kinda

    friendly :)

    Other Notes:   . It is something I will never forget

    DATE:             July - 1983
      TIME:             Afternoon LOCATION:    Dequeen, Arkansas, Sevier County
      TERRAIN:      Swampy
      OBSERVED:    I grew up in this area  (&) saw and heard things I can't explain.   The first time I remember something was when I was 15.  A friend and I went fishing back in a swampy area.   We smelled something and could not see or hear anything.   About a hour later the smell got worse and we heard something big coming through the swamp.   We got scared and left.  We had set a trought line out so the next morning we took out guns and went to check it.   All we found was it tangled up in the bushes about 6 foot high.  All of the fish were ate but the lips with the hooks in them.   All around the area were footprints about 16-18 in long.  We left the area fast and told our dads.   They said we had very good imaginations.   Later that summer around the same area we felt like we were being watched.  We were followed most of the way home by something.
      Description of Creature: n/a Activities of Witness: Fishing Other Notes: Saw  several footprints and heard strange sounds mostly in the summer.   Have seen a area full of deer,cow,horse, and other small bones in a place that nobody could get into without our family knowing.  Tthe only road went fron our driveway so no person dumped them.  Mmost showed that they had been killed by a preditor Other Occurrences in this Area:  Yes I moved away about 2 years later but have been back and will write more later. 

    March 1, 2007 DATE:    June 23, 1982 
      TIME:     Late Morning, Early Noon 
      LOCATION:   Union / Calhoun County Line, Arkansas 
      TERRAIN:    Swamps, sloughs, pine thickets, cypress trees/knees 
      OBSERVED:    I had 2 sightings, 4 months apart in same area. First was at a place called (name withheld), an offshoot of (name withheld) near the (name withheld) right on the Calhoun/Union county line. It was on June 23, 1982. I was 18, and had just graduated high school, and was preparing to go to college to play football. My grandfather was an avid outdoorsman, and spent his whole life in the river bottoms of south Arkansas, and I knew spending a summer trying to keep up with him rummaging through the swamps would get me in good shape (plus I worked out and ran everyday also), plus I just loved hunting and fishing in that area, and knew the area well, having accompanied him all around the area since I could walk. This day we had spent our way going down the dirt road to get to (name withheld), stopping every so often, and I would target shoot with a pistol (.44 magnum) I had gotten for my birthday a month before. I had sort of a western holster for it, and had it strapped on as we got to (name withheld) lake. We got the flat-bottomed aluminum boat off the boat rack of the truck, and out it in the lake. We then loaded our fishing gear, which was a new bait cast reel I had just gotten, an Abu Garcia, a fly rod for my grandfather, and a couple of cane poles, a tackle box, and some worms we had dug up. Had a couple of paddles also, didn't need a motor, (name withheld) lake is only about 50 yards across by maybe 150 yards long, if that. More of a pond than a lake. We were out in the middle, I had caught a couple of 2 lb bass , and my grandfather was catching a few bream with his fly rod. All the sudden, I smelled something that smelled very bad, sort of a garbage, urine, skunk smell. I had seen wild hogs all around that area just about every time I was there, and said to my grandfather that there must be some hogs around, and did he smell it. He whispered he did, which I thought was odd (whisper). He was looking around, like he was searching for something along the south tree line that bordered the lake. He paddled over to a spot on southern bank, jumped out of the boat, and took my 2 bass off the stringer. I said what the hell are you doing. He said shhh, be quiet and watch. He got back in the boat, and we paddled back out where we were. We sat there, I was fidgeting around, getting pretty annoyed, when my grandfather put his arm out and pointed, and whispered "look". He was pointing where we left the fish. I looked up, and saw a large, maybe a little over 7 ft, hairy looking man, attempting to hide behind a large cypress tree. He was too big to totally hide behind the tree. He was peeking around looking at us, and then bent down and moved over where the fish were, about 2 ft from water (tree was maybe 5-6 ft away). He looked up at us, and I was still wearing my pistol, which I instinctively reached for, because I was pretty much in shock. My grand father whispered "don't", and the thing kind of growled and showed his teeth like a dog would looking right at me. I kept my hand on my gun, it grabbed the fish in the biggest hands I've ever seen, a 1 1/2 -2 lb bass looked like a small bream in them. It stood there and looked at us for a few seconds, backed away, then walked off into a thicket, kind of hunched over, arms swinging, looking back at us mostly the whole time. I looked at my grandfather and said "papaw, wtf?...how did you know it was there?" He said a few months back in April, he had been wading in the spot where he left the bass, out about 25-30 ft, when he smelled that smell , and felt he was being watched. He said what scared him was there were no sounds in woods, no birds, no insects, nothing. Just him whipping his fly rod. He said then he felt something watching him and turned around to see the same creature holding up his stringer of bream at the bank. His truck and guns were on other side of the lake, so he told the thing to just take the fish. He said then it just walked off. I would say the thing was 7 ft at least, maybe between that and 7'4", and weighed close to 500 lb.. It was huge. I was 6'1" and 250 lb. back then, and it was at least 2 of me. Dark black hair, not really fur, about 4-6" over the body, except for eyes palms and feet. Was thin in the butt. Skin was a darker color, but I don't know if that was from dirt, or the color. Massive muscles all over. Its head was kind of rounded, no point, and looked kind of small for his size. I say this, because I thought I saw a penis when he stood there, and he didn't have female breasts, just big chest muscles. The face was human/ape, but more human. Nose was flat, small lips. Teeth were flat, and not pointy, no fangs. Eyes were very dark, but kind of an orange/red where a humans are white. I have seen a drawing that is exactly what I saw on XXXX (another database web site). It was a drawing someone had made of a sighting in a California cypress forest that looked pretty close to where I saw this, but creature is as close to exact as it comes.  I spent a great deal of time close to the area, maybe a mile NW at a deer camp we belonged to, scouting the summer, clearing out some areas, and building a couple of deer stands for deer season. I left for school and football practice in early august, and didn't come back until thanksgiving, which was doe season. The day after thanksgiving, I was going to use one of the new stands, but decided to go with the one I had always used since I was 5, one that was over a very old "hog pen" where the old timers would try and trap hogs back in the day. I had killed some pretty big deer (and 2 hogs) there, so I figured why mess with success. During the summer, I had cleared out a swath about 30-40 yards long and maybe 20-25 yards wide in front of the stand, which was about 12 ft high, and overlooked a pine thicket. I had put out about 50 lb. of corn in early august, and some apples, and there was a large oak tree the stand was in and a ton of acorns around. Perfect spot, plus a small creek/slough ran right by also. The day after thanksgiving I got into the stand around 4:30-5 am. Didn't see or hear anything but squirrels and woodpeckers until around 9:45-10, when I heard something crashing in the woods about 100 yards away. I had thought it was a big hog, running.  As it got closer, was crashing through the thicket, and I had my 7 mm mag rifle already raised, and ready to fire where I thought it would come out into where I had cleared.  All of the sudden, this big doe popped out in my clearing and stumbled and fell like it was drunk, and struggled to get up, it was also breathing heavy through its mouth, and making bleak sounds.  It was very wobbly, and looked exhausted, so before it could get rested, I shot it in the head and dropped it right there. I lowered my rifle, and looked around to see if a buck was following (which I should have done before, but was too excited from the doe coming up, and she was a big one for a doe). I sat there in my stand looking for 10-15 min, when I smelled that "smell" again. I froze stiff, and was looking all around. I looked at about my 10 o'clock position, and squatting there was a large hairy creature, looking right at me. Right when I saw it, it stood up. I was maybe 35 yards away, and it was maybe 5 yards from the deer. I was very alarmed, because other than the deer crashing through the thicket, I had not heard this thing approach. I was thinking how in the hell did something this big get this close to me without a noise? When it stood up, I was shaking holding my rifle up, and it took sort of a side-step and looked down at the deer and then back at me. It then in one move grabbed the deer by its back legs (both) and threw it over its shoulder (one armed right, and we are talking about a big doe deer here, maybe 130-145 lb.). It turned away from me, and I aimed my rifle at its head, had the crosshairs of scope right on its head. It turned back to me, and growled, and gave the same "smile" (showed its teeth), which I took as, "don't even think about it". I could have easily killed it (I think, with a clear head shot from 25 yards), but it looked like a big human more than an animal. I was scared to death, but had 7 shots in the rifle, 5 -12 gauge slugs in a shotgun, and my .44 mag, so I felt pretty safe, should it come after me, but just seemed interested in the deer. I lowered my rifle, and it turned and once it entered the thicket, I couldn't see it, but could hear it move away through the thicket..I just sat there, rifle in hand ready if it came back. Description was same as other. If it wasn't the same creature, well, it has a twin brother. I didn't get out of the stand until about 45 min later, when my grandfather came up and asked "how big?", having heard me shoot (he was about ½ mile away down the slough/creek). I got down out of the stand, and took him to where I had shot the deer, which being a head shot, there was blood and skull/brain matter all over.  He asked me where it was..I told him."your friend got it", and told him what happened. There were 3-4 large tracks where it went back into the thicket. I wear a size 13 EEE, and even in boots, the track was wider and about 4-5 inches bigger than mine. It was also about 6 ft between the tracks. We both stood there and talked about it for a min, and both guessed it had been chasing the deer through the thicket, but strange thing to me was, after the deer came into sight, I didn't hear a sound. Now, this could have been because I was focused on the deer, but think hearing something that big move through the thicket would have gotten my attention. Almost 25 years later, I am still amazed at how big it was, and how it got there totally without me seeing it.  My grandfather died the next April in 1983. I never even talked to anyone else about this except for him, so nobody in last 23 years. I never hunted in that particular stand again.  I have been by it and in that area maybe 5 or 6 times over the years (I got older, started family, and without my grandfather just wasn't that much fun), last time being in January of 1997 when my grandmother died, and went out to (name withheld) and the deer camp with 2 of my cousins. That stand was still there even then.  That was only 2 times I saw anything, but have smelled that smell before, a couple of times coon hunting at the deer camp at night (both times dogs that were not scared of anything cowered at my feet and refused to hunt), and also have heard some screams that are almost exact to ones I've heard on the internet. On one occasion was within 100 yards I would say. I always brushed it off to coyotes, but now know wasn't that after listening to a coyote howl.
      Activities of Witness:   fishing on first, deer hunting on second 
      Description of Creature:  7'-7'4"....approx 500 lbs.....black hair, not fur....approx 4 " all over body except for face at around upper lip level, palms, bottoms of feet, and was thinner on butt
      Other Notes:    N/A
      Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    have read some on yours and other sites, one on your site across the river, less than 2 miles away, several within 5-10 miles
      Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments:  N/A

    DATE:  10-13-01
      TIME:  6:50 PM
      LOCATION: Junction City, Arkansas, Union County
    TERRAIN:  Very thick highline that was recently cleared.
      OBSERVED:    Upon arriving to my deerstand, approximately one hour passed when I began to hear the sound of two logs/sticks being beat together.  I then began to hear what sounded like 15 to 20 people running in the water/swamp, splashing and making a horrific noise.  There were dogs that were dogs that were running along the swamp occasionally squealing and barking.  I was undecided as to whether to get down out of my stand and check out the noise, but was uncertain as to the nature of the dogs.  This is private property and I was thinking they could be wild/stray dogs.  Closer to dark, the noise subsided, and that's when I began to feel like I was being watched.  The hair on my neck began to raise.  It was a very strange feeling.  I was up in the tree about 25 ft. in my tree stand and looked down to my left toward the slough (~50 yds behind a very large white oak.  I could see the outline of a very large figure peering around the tree.  It was blackish/brown in color.  Had hair over the face and long extremities.  It was making a chirping noise followed by a scream that sounded like a woman.  At that time, the figure turned and began to break branches approximately 7 to 8 ft off the ground and entered the thicket that bordered the slough.  I didn't exit my stand until after approximately an hour had passed.  I called my son Dustin and my neighbor David who then came in on 4 wheelers to pick me up.  All I had was a compound bow, so I was a bit leery to climb down unarmed.  With lanterns, we went to the tree where the figure had stood and observed imprints in the leaves/mud and what appeared to be a large mass of excrement.  The trail the creature left was large enough to drive a 4 wheeler through with the overhead canopy displaced.
      ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES):   Had been bowhunting for deer.  The highline had recently been cleared of thickets and small timber to allow for passage of a gasline.  Large slough in the middle of the highline that was virtually inaccessible
      DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:  Blackish/brown in color.  Hair covering the body/face.  Strong pungent odor resembling a skunk/decaying carcass.  Several instances of cattle being killed and found in thickets.  Apparently drug or carried hundres of yards and over intact fences.
       OTHER SIGHTINGS IN THIS AREA?:  Have heard the sounds of limbs/sticks being clashed against one another in the past at times when there was no other sounds (birds, squirrels, animal activity present). 

    DATE:         July 1973
      TIME:          6:30 A.M.
      LOCATION:  20 Miles NE of El Dorado, Arkansas, Union County,
                       Ouachita River Bottoms near Eagle Lake
      TERRAIN:     Piney woods with thickly grown underbrush. The underbrush was covered by four foot of water for about a month, so the vegetation was covered with brown mud and dust with very little green or new growth.  The woods was completely the same color brown below the four foot flood line, so the river bottoms were darker than usual.  Lots of brown dead fallen limbs.  Right beside the encounter is a swampy lake.
      OBSERVED: I am a 38-year-old news videographer.  My career will be jeopardized if I report false stories or vary from the truth.  When I was an 11-year-old, I was camping with my family and others in the Ouachita River bottoms beside Eagle Lake in south central Arkansas.  After setting up camp, everyone else went out on the lake fishing so we could eat fish for dinner.  My pet dachshund and I stayed at the campsite to gather firewood and keep the camp from being pilfered by the wild hogs which scavenge through the woods.  I was alone for about ten minutes, and the camp was quiet.  It was around 3 p.m. on a hot mid-July afternoon, and a brown mud caked all the vegetation through the dark woods, marking the waterline from the river's flood earlier in the year.  I walked to the wood's edge and started to drag a large limb toward camp.  As soon as I grabbed the limb and made the first reasonably loud sound, I heard something extraordinary. It sounded like gibberish, much like a Tibetan woman auctioneer screaming as loud and fast as possible.  This lasted for about ten seconds.  Then It ended with a VERY low pitched humb-bob-boo-mbee-mbumb moan.  The sound was SO LOUD the woods reverberated like a gymnasium--the thing had to be very near, maybe 100 feet.  My dachshund's hair stood on his back as he growled and whimpered beside me.  I was very puzzled because I know the sounds of the South Arkansas woods very well.  I yelled back "Hey" as loud as I could.  After about a 15 second pause, the thing started again in gibberish and ended in the same low mbeeb-mbobm moan, only this time it was longer (about 20 seconds).  I stared very hard into the brown-mud covered woods, and I felt like I should sight this creature just because it garbled for so long and loud. I answered "Hey" again, and the thing started chattering a third time, but only about ten seconds and no low moan.  I yelled a third time, but there was no answer.  I stood there for a good three minutes searching into the woods for any movement or sound, but I could (not) see it.  No one out on the lake heard me or this thing.  Eagle Lake is a long oxbow lake rimmed by huge cypress and tupelo trees. Here is the clincher.  That fall I received my first pair of glasses!  I might have been
    staring directly at a bigfoot and could have mistaken it for a large tree trunk!
      Description of Creature: Sound Description, It sounded like gibberish, much like a Tibetan woman auctioneer screaming as loud and fast as possible.  This lasted for about ten seconds.  Then It ended with a VERY low pitched humb-bob-boo-mbee-mbumb moan.  The sound was SO LOUD the woods
    reverberated like a gymnasium.
      Activities of Witness:  Lots of banging and clanging of ten people setting up camp.  Then all but one (the witness) left to go fishing, so the camp fell relatively silent about ten minutes before the encounter.  I had begun gathering firewood, and I had just entered the piney woods by the camp area. Other Notes: The gibberish part of the noise had many syllables, but M's and B's and O's were predominant.  I had the impression that I startled whatever it was at the time.  As a matter of fact, I was not aware of a creature such as bigfoot until a few years later  when the Fouke Monster started making the news two counties over to our west.  I guess that explained why I wasn't very scared during the encounter.  In these same woods I have heard panther screams, packs of coyotes, hoot owls, wolves, gator, bear, grunting wild hogs---you name it. Other Other Notes:    I have fished in this remote area numerous times.  On occasion out on the boat we have heard what sounded like a large limb being smashed against a large tree trunk or into the water.  I never associated this with bigfoot at the time, but I often wondered who or what would bang a large limb like that and why.  Sometimes we would hear it two or three times within a ten minute span, but it never occurred to us it might have been a bigfoot.  I remember talking to a fishing partner more than once about why or how a bear or deer would pop a large limb up against a tree trunk.

    DATE:    July 29, 2008 
      TIME:     6:30 pm 
      LOCATION:   Woodruff County, Arkansas 
      TERRAIN:    Open field by a old grainery but the woods are near  
      OBSERVED:    Well it wasn't me, it was my nephew. Anyway it was around 6:30 to 7pm. While most of us were at my grandmother's house just sitting around and enjoying ourselves, some of my cousins were in the southern part of town on their bikes with my nephew. So they left him at their mom's house (my aunt) and went back to get their other cousin. so h was the only person outside on the block. He got bored and decided to shoot around with the basketball and the hoop. While playing around, he heard the neighbor's dogs, although small, begin to barking very violently. When he shot the ball, he missed and the ball rolled over near the ditch which is a few feet across  the street from the dogs. Since he didn't know why they were barking, he decided to look up and there like a few yards in front of him was this 7 to 8 foot tall dark orangish colored man like creature walking on the old longhorn grainery company's property/ field. He said it took long strides and kept stopping and looking over its right shoulder and kept walking south in the field toward the wooded area. My nephew told me it was so unreal because he never seen anything like it and thought bigfoot wasn't real. I have a picture of the footprint it left near an old purple trailer in the field. Also, One of my aunts encountered the creature back in march one early morning around 1:30 to 2 am. Several young people seen it that night from different angles. 
      Activities of Witness:   playing basketball by himself 
      Description of Creature:  My nephew said it was as tall as the basketball hoop, which was 7 or more feet tall 
      Other Notes:    N/A
      Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    My aunt seen the creature while driving home one night. The creature was frightened by her headlights and it almost ran into her truck but turned and ran a different way. Several of the kids in the area told me they seen it that night as well while it was walking.
      Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments:  N/A

    DATE:    6:30 PM 
      TIME:     June 5, 2007 
      LOCATION:   Hempstead County, Arkansas 
      TERRAIN:    Pond in pasture with creek leading into pine plantation with small pool of water at entrance to pines. 
      OBSERVED:    I was sitting on the pond bank fishing with my step-cousin. We had been there for a couple of hours, talking out loud and eating a picnic lunch. All of a sudden the crickets in our container were silenced as were the birds, frogs, etc. All of a sudden we heard this knocking coming from across the pasture. A couple of minutes later the same knocking was behind us in the tree line near the small pool. It was approaching dark when we saw a shadow and then the large hairy figure ran into the pool from the tree line and began swinging it's arms violently in the pool. At that point we jumped on the 4 wheeler and left all of our fishing gear. The next day we went back to the pond in the daylight and found everything in disarray. Our string of fish was broken and there were fish heads lying all over the ground.
      Activities of Witness:   We had been eating food while fishing. 
      Description of Creature:  Reddish/brown with long hair. Not much neck, Hunkered over with extremely long arms.
      Other Notes:    N/A
      Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    Multiple reports in this general area
      Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments:  N/A

    DATE:          August, 1969 TIME:           9:30 P.M. LOCATION:   In Little River Bottoms Near Alleen Arkansas,
                     In Little River County on the Little River. TERRAIN:      Swampy OBSERVED:   My Mother & Brother and Myself each saw a two legged creature
    while camping in this area.  Also had other family members on different outtings
    before and after this event to have encounters of this sort in and around this same area.  It was notice that each time the creature was sighted or heard
    all the birds insects and other wildlife got quite. Since my encounters back in the 60s BigFoot has brought about a strong desire
    to learn everything that I can possibly understand about these creatures.  That is why now, other than my main job, I have become an Independent BigFoot Researcher.
      ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES):  My mother was useing the homemade restroom behind the camp,when this thing come to the campsite.  My brothers were catfishing at the river near the camp.My Dad was listening to country music on the radio and I was in the tent trying to go to sleep. DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:   This creature was white in color and had a pointed head with eyes that seemed to be red.  It stood about 6 to 7 feet tall and had a slightly stooping posture.  Its arms were long and this thing could run with blazing speed. OTHER NOTES:  Footprints were found.   They were about 14 inches long and 8 inches
    wide.  There were three toes with the middle toe being the longest. FOLLOW UPS: OTHER SIGHTINGS IN THIS AREA:  Yes there have been several encounters by others over the years.

    DATE:             6/00/98
      TIME:             14:00-17:00 Hours
      LOCATION:   Quachita National Forest,  Northwest of Athens
                     Arkansas, Polk County TERRAIN:        Wooded
      OBSERVED:    Various occurrences:  The first was in 1986.  I was 10 years of age sleeping with family in a pop-up camper.  I was awakened by a grunting noise that sounded like a man with a very low voice.  This occured several minutes while things in the campsite were being rumaged through.  I was sleeping with my back to a screened in window when ? approached me. I was so scared I could not move. The grunting noises were above and behind me. Before this thing left there was a loud scraping noise alongside the camper.  The ? left and I have never been the same.  In the summer of 1992 at the same place while hiking on the Tall Peak trail my wife and I were overcome with the sensation of being watched.  We both left the area immediately.  Then again in the summer of 1998 on the same trail I with 3 other people and my dog went hiking. As we approached a creek crossing my dog ran from behind us and kept going. At that time something ran from a large tree 10 feet off the path to a 4 foot tall bush on the other side of the trail. My friend and I were behind the others so we turned around first. My friend said "I think a bear ran behind that bush".  We both looked at the bush and saw a face looking at us. I remember the face looking like a kid staring at us . It was light brown with a darker brown outline.  After this we took off back to camp trying to keep up with our dog.
    I have often tried to rationalize this. How could a bear stand silently behind a 2 ft wide tree while we walked by. The bush this animal hid behind was approx. 3 ft wide and 4 ft tall.  Would a bear run behind this bush, stop, and look at us ? If this was a BF it was either really short, or squatting down.  Back at the campsite I mentioned the word Bigfoot and everyone laughed just like in 1986.  Now I always carry a camera and look for signs.  When I hike with my family they notice me looking around and say did you find a Bigfoot?
      ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES):   Family vacation, hiking, no alcohol
      DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:  Light brown with a darker brown outline, looked like a kid staring at us.
      OTHER NOTES:    The local Park Ranger said there were reports of bears trashing campsites at night.
      OTHER SIGHTINGS IN THIS AREA?:   In 1986, just heard it, no smell, too dark to see.
    I would like to know if anyone else has had a sighting in this area.  My family has been camping in this area 30 years.  We love the family environment, and do not want to do anything that would keep families from going there.

    DATE:    September 17, 2004
      TIME:     11:13 pm
      LOCATION:   Sebastian County, Arkansas
      TERRAIN:    Not given
      OBSERVED:    After getting off the public phone with my wife at 11:13 pm, I walked approximately 2 miles back to the motor pool. As I passed, the first light post, I heard pebbles following right behind me as I walked on the road, and felt as if I was not alone.I stepped onto the grass as to tell myself it wasn't me who was kicking the pebbles, and I still heard the pebbles bouncing on the road a couple of feet away. I did not for no reason want to look back to see what was behind me. It was an eerie feeling, and I told myself it was nothing. As I reached the second light pole, I turned to the right, heading towards the motor pool, and I heard a howling sound I had never heard before. It howled twice a couple of feet from me still, but I did not look back. I felt like running, but I couldn't. My legs had gone weak. Once I reached a building that was to the left of me, I heard the eeriest laugh. I thought to myself that it might of had been the devil himself, but I'm figuring now, that it might of had been more like an ape like call. I was closer to the motor pool by this time, and I heard of it no more.
      Activities of Witness:   Walking from a public phone back to a motor pool.
      Description of Creature:  N/A
      Other Notes:    N/A
      Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments:  Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.

    DATE:            04/26/98 TIME:           4:20 A.M. LOCATION:   Mountainview, Arkansas, Stone County TERRAIN:       Rocky Terrain
      OBSERVED:      My attorney and I were heading north, on a trail, in the Blanchard Springs Caverns State Park. We usually came out here to the Ozarks about once or twice a year, depending on the weather, to fish and hike and partake in various other activities. We were walking along the edge of a rock that was not too far out of the ground (about 2 feet) but it was a very long rock, one of the longest i've seen in my days. It was on the edge of a hill that was more so like a mountain. Up at the top of the hill, there was the beast. He was rubbing himself against a middle aged oak tree at the top of the hill. After measuring ourselves to the tree several minutes after the encounter, I estimate the creature to be about 6' 7" and looking to weigh in at around 330 lbs. We were absolutely petrified. My attorney looked up at the animal first and he screamed some loud cursings, I looked up and got a good glimpse of the big oager, and then he saw us. If I told you how I felt, it wouldn't help the pain today. He stared at us for about a minute and a half, and then he took off over the mountain. We were scared and we didn't go up there for about ten minutes. To this day the bastard is still in my mind every hour of every day. To no avail were my reports, though, for they fell on deaf ears. But heres to the Sasquatch that haunts northern Arkansas with an iron fist. So long! You are not forgotten!
      Description of Creature:   Approximately 6 foot, 7 inches, looked to weigh around 330 lbs. Activities of Witness:    Hiking on a MARKED trail in the mountain woods Other Notes:    (Creature was making) happy grunts and furry rubbings